Why is my Robot Map not Correct? Open Class

Open Class: Why is my Robot Map not Correct?

What you will learn in this Open Class

In this class, you will learn how to detect common errors that prevent the robot map from working correctly.

But, why is it so important to learn this topic? Many times, we find ourselves in a situation where we need to navigate a mobile robot. It is when the game comes in to make a map with a suitable sensor, could be a camera, point cloud sensor, laser, etc. However, a very common problem is that the correct functioning of these maps, where many times it is not configured well (either the sensor or those transformed between the robot and the sensor), which can produce erroneous readings of our map and make navigation fail. That is why, in this class, you will learn how to detect these common mistakes, and how to solve them. As usual in our classes, you will learn step by step until you can have a good functioning of the map and how to detect the most common errors when it does not work properly. We will be using the Summit XL robot.

REQUIREMENTS: - Basics of Linux (https://www.theconstructsim.com/robotigniteacademy_learnros/ros-courses-library/linux-for-robotics/) - ROS Basics (https://www.theconstructsim.com/robotigniteacademy_learnros/ros-courses-library/ros-python-course/) - URDF for Robot Modeling. - TF ROS 101 - Love for Robotics and some patience ... That's it! Let's go!

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