Let's Simulate a World in Gazebo Open Class

Open Class: Let's Simulate a World in Gazebo

What you will learn in this Open Class

In this ROS LIVE-Class we're going to create a world in the Gazebo simulator for the previous differential drive manipulator we created in the previous class, so the robot can navigate around and interact with the objects.

The model of the robot was created using URDF. However, the model of the environment will be created using SDF.

We will see: - How to create the world for the robot using SDF - How to add models of any object you may think of - How to spawn ROS based robots in the world

Please quickly view (very short) part 1 of this LIVE-Class here: https://youtu.be/ajgwQ_lGFL4. The initial stream got interrupted so we had to continue here. This part has 99% of the content!

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